Technical Specifications

CP 42" Display
Height 38 in (965mm)
Width 28 in (711mm)
Depth 2 in (51mm)
CP 32" Display
Height 31 in (787mm)
Width 19 in (482mm)
Depth 1.5 in (38mm)
CP 13" Display
Height 14.5 in (368mm)
Width 10 in (254mm)
Depth 1.8 in (46mm)
CP 10" Display
Height 10.9 in (276.86mm)
Width 8.6 in (218.44mm)
Depth 2.25 in (57.15mm)
ePaper Display

Choose between 10”, 13”, 32” and 42” diagonal ePaper displays

Grayscale (up to 300 dpi)

160° viewing angle


WiFi or Wireless Cellular (4G)

Remote Management

Real-time departures

Web-based interface

Health monitoring

Alert management

Electrical & Operating

Power Requirements: 12v DC or 110v AC

Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C

Solar: 25 watt panel minimum

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