CHK America, the premier best practice provider of customer information solutions for the U.S. public transportation industry, announced today that Judd “JJ” Stiff has joined the company’s technology and development team.

A graduate of University of California, Santa Barbara, Judd earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. In previous positions, he has held leadership roles in quality management for manufacturing including parts production and design. JJ’s prior work computer programming experience includes developing applications for Apple, Android, and the Web.

CHK America hired Judd Stiff as the lead software developer of it’s Digital Solutions department to build on the early success of it’s newest product, ConnectPoint® – digital signage for transit. In this role, JJ will be responsible for integrating real-time information with static data to provide up-to-the-minute schedule information for the company’s networked digital signage currently being installed in Las Vegas (NV), Pittsburgh (PA), and Dallas (TX).

“JJ’s passion of computer programming paired with his appreciation of design quality is a great asset to our Digital Solutions team,” stated Rick Wood, CHK America President and CEO. “He, along with Chuck Menzel our VP of Information Systems, will be tailoring solutions to fit the specific needs of our clients by working with each agency’s unique digital assets and brand to create customized results.”

CHK America - Established in 1999, CHK America is the premier best practice provider of customer information solutions for the US public transportation industry. The company’s 8 Second Rule, has set the standard for communicating complex public transit information to customers, after research identified that customers allow only eight seconds in which to interpret travel information before becoming frustrated – resulting in customer dissatisfaction. Under the leadership of CEO Rick Wood, a recognized speaker of and the foremost authority in wayfinding strategies, CHK America now reaches over 2 billion, fully 20%, of public transportation customers in the United States. Between customized information design and purpose-built hardware fabrications, CHK America is providing solutions for many of the largest multi-modal transit agencies in the US from WMATA in Washington DC to DART in Dallas Texas, to LA Metro in Los Angeles, California.