Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), DC-MD-VA

WMATA Deploys over 100 Sustainable Real-Time Bus Information Stops Along Busy Columbia Pike Service Routes

As part of WMATA’s initiative to give customers real-time departure bus information, 110 solar-powered, Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stops have been deployed along Columbia Pike, one of Metro’s busiest transit service lines and other locations. In addition to real-time bus information, customized alert messaging is available so riders can adjust their journey quickly and make smart choices based on the easy-to-read, ePaper Digital Bus Stops.

At Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority our customers’ experience is a top priority, and Connectpoint’s Digital Bus Stops are playing a key role. The ePaper displays provide the flexibility and readability needed to broadcast a variety of content including next departures, service alerts, maps and custom messages.

Scottie T. Borders
Senior Program Manager, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, Washington D.C.

“Metro is notable for its transit initiatives when it comes to new customer amenities,” adds Rick Wood, CEO and president of Connectpoint. “Sustainable, easy-to-read, real-time digital bus stops are in line with what today’s transit rider wants and needs to navigate their trip.”

“Not only will this be a better experience for our riders, these digital bus stops have low power requirements and allow us to power signs without a connection to the grid,” added Borders.

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