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Trinity Metro Deploys Digital Bus Stops at Six Transit Centers

Trinity Metro’s Master Plan focuses on improving overall services and the customer experience. One of the steps in implementing the plan was contracting with CHK America, Inc. to deploy their Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stops at their busiest transit centers. CHK America worked closely with Trinity Metro to map out locations and determine product placement at each transfer point to empower riders who take nearly 7 million annual bus trips.

Solar-powered, ePaper Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stops are currently installed at the following transit centers:

  • Hulen Mall Transfer Center
  • La Gran Plaza Transfer Center
  • Sierra Vista Transfer Center
  • East Side Transfer Center
  • North Transfer Center
  • Ridgmar Mall Transfer Center

Paul J Ballard, president and chief executive officer at Trinity Metro, said the new signage is an asset for riders. “Digital signage provides the opportunity to make timely changes that impact our customers. Utilizing solar power is an effective option and is in line with our environmentally friendly CNG bus fleet.”

“Trinity Metro is a leader in Texas identifying opportunities to improve transit with a focus on frictionless customer service,” commented Rick Wood, CHK America’s CEO and president. “Deploying the Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop® product line is a significant step under their master plan to meet the growing needs of Tarrant County and prioritize communication.”

Efficiency across all elements of a transit ecosystem is critical – the Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop® has become synonymous with Smart Transit as the #1 choice for solar and battery-powered, ePaper product in North America.

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