Top reasons why Connectpoint® stands apart from its competitors:

Right product for the right situation

Whether it’s a transit center, bus stop, national park entrance, ski slope or campus center our Digital Bus Stop®, Interactive Kiosk, SmartStop® or Connectpoint® collection of variable-sized displays outfitted with ePaper screens, solar power and Smart Lighting are the right fit for any location.

Most deployed ePaper digital signage in the U.S. for the transportation industry

We’re in demand…successful deployments speak for themselves. Every client project is serviced by a committed Connectpoint® team who delivers quality, compliant digital products that provide maximum output.


Total service offering

We design, build and manage your product suite through CPAM™, our device and technology-agnostic content management system. You now have input and control over all your signage right from your desktop or mobile device.


Our diverse and talented team not only have specific software expertise to deploy ePaper digital signage but are also able to solve even the most complex issues and deliver on-time, challenging projects. In conjunction with our sister company CHK America we have helped power over 2 billion trips annually, allowing transit riders to make informed decisions.

Portrait of Rick Wood, President & CEO

Rick Wood

President & CEO

Portrait of Jim Gergich, Vice President, Sales

Jim Gergich

Vice President, Sales

Portrait of Chuck Menzel, Chief Technical Officer

Chuck Menzel

Chief Technical Officer

Portrait of Stefan Marks, Director of Business Development

Stefan Marks

Director of Business Development

Portrait of Katie Zimmerman, Senior Account Manager

Katie Zimmerman

Senior Account Manager

Portrait of Rob Deacon, Production Manager

Rob Deacon

Production Manager

Portrait of Judd “JJ” Stiff, Lead Software Engineer

Judd “JJ” Stiff

Lead Software Engineer

Portrait of Oran Viriyincy, Project Manager

Oran Viriyincy

Project Manager

Portrait of Kyril Negoda, UX Designer

Kyril Negoda

UX Designer

Portrait of Kevin Bibby, Manufacturing Engineer

Kevin Bibby

Manufacturing Engineer


Connectpoint® is a premier provider of ePaper-based, real-time, solar-powered digital and interactive signage servicing industries such as transportation, aviation, municipal government, traffic and hospitality, to name a few. Our digital signs have been battle-tested in the rapid, evolving world of transportation. Connectpoint® has powered hundreds of ePaper digital signs for 18 transit agencies across 12 states.

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